Love & Healing Manifestation Box

Box Contains: Sage smudge stick, Paolo Santo stick, candle, crystals, dried flowers, instructions.

Love & Healing Manifestation box is created to help you open your heart to love & help heal from any previous experiences.

Crystals - Rose Quartz is the ultimate love crystal which communicates directly with the Heart chakra, dissolving emotional wounds & fear. It stimulates desire & imagination and opens the heart to the possibilities of the new relationship at all levels. New Jade Crystal helps build the foundations of the new relationships as well as keeps you from harm & brings harmony to the soul. Pink Agate Crystal brings balance & vibrational energy that lends itself to solidifying & improving the emotional aspect of the relationships.

Instructions of how to use your manifestation box will be included in the box. 

Please remove all dried flowers before burning sage and Paolo Santo sticks.

Created & Made by DayDreamer Candles

12 Wellesley Road, East Croydon CR0 1LH

Price: £39.00

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