Calm and Tranquillity Manifestation Box

Box Contains: Sage smudge stick, Paolo Santo stick, candle, crystals, dried flowers, instructions

Calm & Tranquillity Manifestation box is created to help cleanse negative emotions, promote calmness and bring tranquillity & peace.

Crystals - Amethyst healing crystal promotes calmness and brings tranquillity to your surroundings. Not only will it relax the mind, it will also bring clarity so that you can better understand whatever situation may be causing stress. The energy of Celestite Crystal facilitates intuition and communication, which in turn creates a sense of safety and calmness, allowing you to let go of your fears and give in to release. Fluorite Crystal is commonly associated with balance and clarity. When you're under duress this stone can be helpful, as it's thought to replace negativity with a rational and clear mindset.

Instructions of how to use your manifestation box will be included in the box. 

Please remove all dried flowers before burning sage and Paolo Santo sticks.

Created & Made by DayDreamer Candles

12 Wellesley Road, East Croydon CR0 1LH

Price: £39.00

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